September 25, 2023 10:32 pm

Work for 51% target in assembly elections:- Ajay Jamwal


Work for 51% target in assembly elections:- Ajay Jamwal

Regional Organization Minister Ajay Jamwal Jamwal gave guidance in the election steering committee meeting

  1. Anuppur. Bharatiya Janata Party’s Regional Organization Minister Ajay Jamwal and with him Satyendru Tiwari, in-charge of the state’s General Secretary Shahdol division, on Sunday, June 11, 2023, at Govindam Hotel, Anuppur district headquarters, separately for the three assembly elections of Kotma Pushparajgarh and Anuppur district. take a meetinWhere he was welcomed by Shahdol MP Smt. Himadri Singh, State Working Committee Member, Coal Development Authority President Ramlal Routel, BJP District Incharge Dr. Rajesh Mishra, BJP District President Ramdas Puri. During this, organizational information was provided by BJP District President Ramdas Puri.Addressing the workers and office bearers of the three Vidhansabha Election Steering Committees, Regional Organization Minister Ajay Jamwal said that for the first time in Madhya Pradesh, such a team has been formed in the Vidhansabha according to the parameters of the organization. From Assembly to Lok Sabha electionsWill workWe all need to strengthen the assembly in every way, we will have to work for voting in favor of 51% party in the elections and everyone will have to work together. It is very important to have mutual coordination among all the members of the Vidhansabha Steering Committee and it is the responsibility of this whole team that better work and behavior can be presented in the entire Vidhansabha. Conduct should be ours, negative thinkingKeep away and do the work with positive thinking.While giving guidance, Mr. Jamwal said that we all should not let our selfishness dominate us, work by keeping the party’s customs and principles, everyone should work in a group in a normal way. Division of related tasksAlso informed to do.Regarding the goal of winning the assembly elections, he said that we have to work to take many public welfare schemes of the central and state government to the people, prepare a list of all the good works done by our government and display all the achievements at the booth. It is the duty of all of us to reach the center and the stateThe government has done a lot of work for every society and every class in every field.Regional Organization Minister Ajay Jamwal gave guidance to the members of the Vidhansabha Steering Committee to further strengthen both the Shakti Kendra and booth categoriesHe said that regular meetings have to be held with the Shakti Kendra and the booth team, along with verifying the list of booths, the social equation of the booth committee is also to be rectified, we should also implement the 22 types of Karni work given by the organization at the ground level. Is. He gave guidance to do all the programs organized on the occasion of completion of 9 years of Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, on priority basis and talked about doing door-to-door mass contact campaign from June 23 to June 30 with sincerity. Somewhere At least 10 people insisted on forming a strong team at each booth. All the requisite workers and office bearers of Kotma Pushprajgarh and Anuppur Assembly Election Steering Committee of Anuppur district were present in the meeting organized. The above information was given by BJP District Media Incharge Rajesh Singh

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